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Job Interview

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To get a job, you need to prove both functional fit and social fit. Part of that is based on your ability to have and communicate the required job skills, and then show social fit inside the team and company you are applying to work for.

This series of article will be based around the job interview – viewed as the crunch point for many in their job application.


But here’s a thought: if its an SME employer, they probably won’t have a “scary” HR person. Secondly, the interviewers day job will probably be managing the person who is being recruited, and not interviewing – so they will be as scared and on edge as you are, if not slightly more.

If you are applying for a job with a corporate employer, then expect a far more formulaic based approach, which is undertaken with close and experienced HR supervision. The reason for this is simply legal, to ensure that the job process is fair to all.

How can you tell which type of job interview to expect? Firstly, are you are asked to fill out a job application form? Secondly, is that job application form marked with the words “standard for all applicants” or similar, so that it doesn’t matter whether you are applying for a cleaning job or a directorship/CEO position, everyone has to fill out the same form?

No form, and generally it is an SME employer; standard form and its a formulaic FTSE100/NYSE scale and style employer. If you notice an SME employer using a standard form, then it may be that they have outsourced their HR processes to a third party – ask and check who the people you are dealing with work for.

Interview Questions

If you are looking for a list of the 100/1000 etc most asked job interview questions, then you may be disappointed. The reason for this is that simply they could be the wrong 100/1000 most asked questions, and your interviewer may well be using the second most used 100/1000 job interview questions.

Personally, I think there are two major problems to this approach:

  • Who says/knows what the most common questions are?
  • Who could remember the ideal answers to even the top 25 most asked interview questions?

However, there is a there is gain to reading these most common job interview question books: they teach you the mentality of approach to job interview questions. It is with that in mind that I will write this series of articles – getting you mentally prepared – together with how a trained interviewer will approach the task of discovering if you are a suitable applicant.

Interview Techniques

The basic job interview frame work is pretty simple:

  1. Introductions – how are you? how did you get here? Find us OK?
  2. House Keeping – drinks, paper/pen, fire exits, toilets
  3. Common ground – get you talking, normally chatting through your CV history
  4. HR questions – how do you feel about X, how do you deal with conflict, personal life, etc
  5. Operational questions – give me an example when
  6. Close – your questions, next steps

If there is no HR person, then expect a more disjointed and operational focused interview – tell me about when you worked at X, what did you do?

Interview format

Interview formats are pretty simple:

  • 1 on 1
  • 2 on 1
  • Many on 1

You can also have variations on this, with multiples or circles of interviewers, making candidates move from one room/interview to the next.

Interview Tips

The key issue to any job interview is preparation – but make it the right type:

  • Assess the forms you are being asked to fill out, or the process you are being put through
  • Ask questions – not asking questions is bad
  • Read about the company

If you want better mental perpetration, then undertake some mental tests. Why not raid your children’s bedrooms for crossword quiz books, or their Nintendo DS loaded with a copy of Brain Training? Either will make you mentally more agile and quicker.

Good Luck!

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