Job Search: Employment in 24hrs

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Job Search: Employment in 24hrs

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Is it possible, in a job search, to get a job and be employed in less than 24hrs? Simply yes – here is how to do it in 8steps or less!

A friend of mine rang me a few weeks back, and asked if I could help him. We both worked together a few years back at his and my first positions in a recruitment company, and while he had moved back into IT, I has stayed in recruitment.

My friend had spotted a job opportunity a week before……

  • Step1: have a profile in your market, and know who in that market is employing or where to find their jobs posted

He had found via LinkedIn that an old work colleague of his was now employed at the company……

  • Step2: if you want to get employed consistently or quickly, find an insider. You might not know someone, so find someone using Social Networking on sites like LinkedIn

Having been assured that the job was available, that he had the skills to do the job, and that the company was good for him…..

  • Step3: Do your research. Too little research = risk, and that increases your chances of not being hired

He knew he needed help: a new Professional CV!

  • Step4: be very honest with yourself, in knowing what you are good at, and what you are not. If you think you are good at something, and not getting the results, then stop doing it

So, he rang me, with the opening business line after a quick catch-up: “Ian, you always love writing, and I need a favour – in 24hours or less!”

  • Step5: If you are going to employ someone, find someone who is both enthusiastic about the task, and busy

Unfortunately for me, he picked the right person. Now much as though many recruiters look down on recruiters who do more than pure recruiting, I do love the employment market, and I do love writing. I also enjoy learning, and having a view of both the applicants and employer side of the market means quicker learning – which results in our Professional CV clients getting an interview on average once in every three job applications. I enjoy being a CV Writer, although I still do the recruiting because I enjoy it as much and it pays a lot more. Plus, as he wanted it done quickly, and as I knew him, he trusted me to do the job

  • Step6: once you have outsourced something, trust the expert and let them get on with it. You may not like the result, but you employed them because they are the expert who gets results for others. If you don’t like something, ask for an explanation as to why they did it that way, rather than later removing or changing it

8hours later, we had a conversation as he travelled home on the train with his new CV in hand. “There is just on thing I want to change, and its one letter” was his comment. What’s next I asked?

  • Step7: Know the companies employment process front to back, ideally before but at latest just after you have placed a job application, and the time scales of each step

He rolled off a set of steps and dates, the next of which was sending in his CV that evening. He was expecting an interview in a few weeks

The following afternoon, I got a call: as a result of his internal recommendation and his impressive CV, he just had his first, second and third interviews, and was now walking away from the building with a job offer. His basic was £5000 more than the job was advertised with

  • Step8: If it flows quickly through the process, and you gain confidence, then you will get employed

If you look at these steps, three of the eight are about researching the company and finding internal confirmation that they are right for you, and you for them. Much as though these particular steps are about taking action to make a job application, they are not actually involved in responding to job adverts placed in newspapers or on job boards. If there is one thing in my experience that successful job seekers do very well, and unsuccessful job seekers do poorly, it is focusing their efforts on jobs they can do and win, and less about applying for any job they can click to apply for.

Good Luck!


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