Job Search: get enthusiastic about yourself!

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010 - CV Tips, CV Writing, Employment

Job Search: get enthusiastic about yourself!

David, a job seeker asks: Is it just me, or does everyone feel guilty when writing a CV/application letter? I can’t think of anything good to say about myself, everything so far is a big fat lie.

In answer:
In answer, NO! People often feel scared, in part through leaving their existing employer, or wondering if the Spanish Inquisition they are about to submit themselves to may unearth something even they didn’t know about themselves, but few – unless they are lying – feel guilty.

Perhaps one of three issues are underlying your guilt:

  1. You are bored with your current job/situation
  2. So, you apply for the wrong type of new job. You recognise that don’t have the right combination of skills, qualifications and experiences, so apply over yourself
  3. You just beat up on yourself

Thought for the day: if you can’t be (a) honest, and (b) positive about yourself, then who will?

Rather than applying for jobs, take three sheets of paper:

  • on the first, write down where you are now
  • on the second, write where you want to be in five years time
  • on the third, write out a plan to get between the first piece of paper and the second

If you are bored stiff and unenthusiastic, then no one will employ you. If you know what you want and why that particular job takes you where you want to go, everyone will want to employ you: yes, even if you don’t presently don’t have the right SQE combination… Schh, don’t tell everyone that!

Enthusiasm – the simple answer to most employment problems. And, its free.

Good Luck!


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