Job Search: job titles or job descriptions?

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Job Search: job titles or job descriptions?

Customer refreshment logistics technicians required

When undertaking a Job Search, what is the first thing you look for in reading Job Adverts? Right, the Job Titles. You are looking for equal or better position, and hence the Job Title comes first in your Job Search.

Do you look beyond that? A bit of prestige and honour could come if it is a nice company, either a locally based or national employer – even better, an international company. Then probably its is on to the job application details.

Just a thought, but do you pay any attention to all those words in the middle? It is probably derived from the Job Descriptions, but those words in the middle are where the HR Professionals and Recruiters focus their effort: the Job Skills.

Hence, if you don’t pay attention to the meat in the middle of the sandwich, you could end up just eating the humble bread on the outside.

Job Titles

Professional HR managers and Recruiters know that, much as though job titles count in attracting the right candidates, that job titles actually vary a great deal between companies and organisations. One companies National Accounts Manager could be another companies Customer Service Representative.

However, a Jobs Title really just depends on scale and marketing. For instance, administrative assistant has replaced secretary: same job skills required, same job description, just a different job title. Secondly, if you want to put an impressive job title on CV, then look at smaller companies, who are more likely to have (perceived) better job titles.

HR Professionals and Recruiters know that job titles speak to job seekers personal identity. Hence, just like real advertising professionals, if they don’t get a response from an initial job advert, they will re-advertise the job with the same worded advert but a different job title to attract a different/better audience.

Job Descriptions

Much like military professionals say that amateurs talk strategy, while professionals talk logistics; the same can be said for the world of employment: job seekers talk about titles, while employment professionals talk about job skills.

The easiest way to find the required jobs skills are to read the job description. But as a job seeker undertaking a job search, you are unlikely to get a copy of that, so you have to undertake what the HR professional previously did, and undertake some job analysis.

However, the HR professional has made the job very easy for you, by writing the five or more key job skills in the middle of the job advert. These skills are the core of the job being filled, and need to be communicated and ideally proven in the Professional CV of any job applicant to get past the initial CV sift. If you want to know how to do this, read our Why Was I Rejected article.

So, when next reading Job Adverts, pay more attention to the actual Job Description over the attractive Job Titles. It will save you a lot of time applying for jobs you will be rejected from, and could mean you are applying for jobs which are actually better for you and missed by those more attracted to the nice Job Title.

Good Luck!


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