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Job Title

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Sue asks: I was working for 18months in a restaurant until January, when it closed down due to the recession. The Bar Manager gave me the job title of Bar Supervisor, but another girl also had the same title and said she was Bar Supervisor. After a long period of difficulty between her and the manager, she left the restaurant and is now suing them for constructive dismissal, part of which is associated with her title and hence potential payout. I need to apply for a new position, so do I keep the job title of bar supervisor on my CV? I think I will, for the simple reason that I looked after the bar, did the stock take and the other jobs that bar supervisors have to do. Should I keep the title on my CV?

In answer:

You have three choices in writing your CV:

  • Use the title you were given
  • Use the title of the job you were actually doing
  • Create a title which reflects the tasks you were doing and responsibilities you had

But which ever one you choose, make sure that the reference you use to verify that job and title says yes, that title and those duties were the ones you were doing.

Some job titles are so complex, you would need to be translator or a psychic to know what the person actually did! Others are over written for effect, either by the company to impress customers, or by the applicant to impress potential employers: the former is legitimate and seen as sales; the later always seen as lying by the candidate.

Choose the title which you can verify in a reference. Employers will engage on the skills in the top half of the first page of your CV, and then seek the accomplishments in the details of each job. Titles are nice but not essential in getting interviews.

Good Luck!

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