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Working Abroad

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Jeremy asks: Does CIPD have recognition outside UK?

Yes: in the EU; what you might want to call the former British commonwealth countries; plus the United States.

Your degree will be a more transportable commodity overall, while your professional level qualifications may need local validation under local professional body authority. This may involve simple transfer to some form/length of retraining or revalidation.

Work Abroad

However, recognition in what you seek (ie: is it a ticket to employment), will be very different in each country. You may find the national level authorities recognise it as a validation of entry level requirements, but that employers and local state/country level authorities don’t recognise it as valid for insurance purposes to do a similar level job to the one you did in the UK.

For instance, a friend with a CIPD qualification moved to Australia last year: the CIPD counted as points to gain entry, but she is having to revalidate locally

Moving overseas is unfortunately still a country by country, employer by employer opportunity that can only be resolved once you have a particular role in mind.

Good Luck!

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