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Sonia asks: For someone who has worked in the real estate industry, what are some jobs/careers that could follow this? There are so many valuable skills that come from this experience; do you have suggestions for careers that will make the most of those skills? Thank you!

In answer:
I think you are addressing one side of the career change question at best, in terms of quantified skills; another side is: what is your passion?

The clear skills from a real estate career are:
– sales and marketing
– project management
– people skills
– negotiation
– finance
– administration

But the way in which you have posed your question, it sounds more like a question of where you could next apply those skills in a different sector, as opposed to any possibility of continuing in the real estate industry.

It is in situations like these that a mentor or a certified career coach can help, to help you understand what your skills and passions are and how those align with your long term goals.

To start the process, as a first step, taking three sheets of paper, I would:
– write down a basic career history
– write down your life ambitions
– write down your resultant career aspirations

Then, take that to three good friends and see what they think. Reflect on that feedback, may be rewriting/adjusting the second two pieces of paper, and see how they then feel. Once your friends have given input, then find a certified career coach, or may be approach your old school/college/university and see what career planning options are available to alumni – the armed forces also have some great career programs for ex-members.

Good Luck!

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