Jobs board Monster hit by second security breach

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009 - CV Tips, CV Writing, tutorial

Jobs board Monster has been struck by a second electronic security breach in less than 18months, after hackers stole the basic profile data (covering at least: name, eMail, password, address, and basic bio data of age), of the majority of the registered account users on its entire global database.Users around the world have been affected, including the 4.5 million users of the UK site. Monster Security has advised ALL registered users to change their passwords and be on the lookout for phishing e-mails.

It is perhaps a fourth reason to be wary when registering on electronic jobs board:

  1. Personal security measures
  2. Phishing scams, as illustrated by the recent “Denis Atlas”  UK tests by the Information Assurance Advisory Council
  3. CV trawling by recruiters
  4. System data security

Unsurprisingly, many jobs boards had until the recent economic change – much like many Social Networking sites – reported reduced overall numbers of profiles as the effectiveness of jobs boards reduced for both candidates and employers, and their problems more widely known.

Many candidates and an increasing number of employers are now using Social Networks and soft-touch/introduction tactics to find their next job/employee. Some candidates are now using two or more profiles on the more youth orientated sites of MySpace and Facebook, to separate their social profiles and weekend life from work orientated adverts/CV’s. Personally, we wouldn’t recommend this – it doesn’t take a lot for an employer to find your online social profile, so it’s not secure information.

Good Luck!

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