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Jobs Board are great! Every morning, they send you a list of jobs, and having already uploaded your CV, you simply click to apply. If you can get yourself in front of a PC by 09:05, you can have applied for 20 Jobs Online by 09:10, and be doing what you want to do by 09:15. Aren’t Job Boards great!

Can I give you a Recruiters insight? By around 10:30, most research assistants will have done their initial work, and be working their way through the Job Applicants who have come in that day – including your CV from the Jobs Board. By 10:31, they will be looking at the next application.

What went wrong? I thought we agreed that Job Boards were great? I mean, the fact that you don’t get any interviews should be telling your something, shouldn’t it?

Jobs Board

The problem with the click to apply mentality of the Job Board, is that it is quick, easy and convenient for all parties:

  • It is quick, easy and convenient for you to apply
  • It is quick, easy and convenient for employers to reject you

The job board application system makes it easy for you to use the same CV for every job application, but in doing so you don’t tell that employer specifically why they should pick up the phone and talk to you. Your generic CV is your CV based around you – what an employer wants to hear is why you are right for them

Job Application

How much customisation do you need to undertake per application to make the right impression? The difference will tell you why you were rejected. For instance:

  • Have you read the job advert at least three times, and noted down the top three/five skills they seek?
  • Have you then found those skills in your CV, written – ideally – in that word form?
  • Have you found and read their website, and their annual report?
  • Have you found how many of their employees in that department are on LinkedIn?

After that, the type of person they seek and hence the amount of customisation required to your CV should be clear. At minimum for each job application you should be writing a fresh Cover Letter and rewriting your Personal Profile

Making an employer know why they should call you will get you more interviews.

Good Luck!

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