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Job Search Motivation

Up and Down...
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Karen asks: How can I motivate my 17 year old teen to continue to look for work? She has been turned down so many times because of her lack of experience, that she is getting more and more depressed every time a ‘thanks, but no thanks’ letter comes through the door. I want so much to help her, but don’t know where to go next. We have trawled the phone book and done face to face cold calling. She has written letters, applied through Job centre plus and applied to agencies etc. We jump on every local interview opportunity, which has proven to be a fruitless exercise over and over again. Does anyone have any ideas?

In answer:
It is the lack of experience here which is the main issue of rejection, as well as I conclude a period of either lack of work (since last June?), or leaving college/further education.

The answer here is that a potential employer will look to see what you have done to get work, to see if you have drive. Continually writing letters of application is commendable, but after a 3month period they expect you to do a little bit more to fill that gap.

The other problem will be the “Any Job Will Do” problem most job seekers have after three months. people go from being passionate about X to being job application zombies, and get into “Any Job Will Do” mode. Employers want people who know what they want to do.

Voluntary work is an excellent choice at this point: it shows you have commitment + shows you have reliability = things employers want. Three months voluntary work and a nice letter of commendation should improve her chances greatly – and keep working there until employed.

The local Job Centre+ or the resources available on provide online careers tools and counselling on what her ideal long term career choice should be.

If she gets a bit of experience on her CV, and finds out where her passion is, then she should be employed soon enough.

Good Luck!

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