Kissing with Confidence?

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Job Search

During your Job Search, are you Kissing with Confidence?

Honestly, I doubt it. Hence, much like eating raw garlic and fresh pickled onions before kissing the person of your dreams, it is presently leaving a lasting impression that lets down your Job Application with your future employer, and hence your chance of getting a job?

Now, you are probably saying:

Come on Ian, you don’t actually mean kissing my future employer?

I did that with the last one, and look where it got me!

No, I am not actually saying kiss your future employer physically – it could be illegal, and it is certainly inappropriate. What I am saying is, what impression does your first impression – kiss – leave with your future employer?

First Impressions count

There are many at the moment saying the Social Media is either the way to find a job or find hidden talent. If you want to know more, then I suggest reading Shally Steckerl‘s writings on employers finding hidden talent; or Jason Alba and Dan Schwabel on a job search using Social Media.

However, one thing the job search people seem to miss is a vital ingredient – consistency of information. Kissing with Confidence is about your personal profile on Google, and what Google shows up about you. When internet guru Seth Godin is writing about how Google effects your employment prospects, let us help you.

Personal Profile

There are two parts to Social Media job searching:

  • Being found
  • What the found media says about you – known as your Google CV

I have since being a recruiter always said that recruitment is most akin to being a dating service. In the first part its about basic statistics (functional fit), and in the second part its about chemistry.

I don’t know one recruiter who can get the second part consistently 100% right. The best statistics I have seen are a 66% placement success. Therefore even the top Executive Search firms will send in at least three candidates they consider could be suitable, and have a variation in both personal and business approach.

However, for all job applicants, the starting point is the Professional CV. Lets assume you make it past the CV sifting stage, and either the HR professional is preparing for the possibility of an interview, or a recruiter is preparing to call you to see if what is written in the Cover Letter and on the CV is what he/she finds on the telephone in conversation?

Do you you think they just accept the CV as their only source of information? No. So what do they do next? Right, they search your name on Google.

I wrote about the case of Neville Keithley, which was about not being found. If you are found, you want the information shown to provide a consistent personal profile.

Yes, we expect to find additional information, for instance: your hobbies and interests; your family and friends; and may be some more job history which is older than five years.

But much like a first date with a member of the opposite sex, if we find inconsistent information, we get scared. Honestly, to many: inconsistent information is as much akin to suddenly finding out your date is an axe murderer! Therefore, much like any first date experience, your future employer will walk away.

An inconsistent personal profile is a job application killer!

So, if you want to start Kissing with Confidence with your future employer, please – clean up your online profile before you apply for any jobs.

Keep Kissing with Confidence – and Good Luck!

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