Leave out post in Job Application

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Leave out post in Job Application

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Andy asks: Will an employer be able to tell if I left out a previous job? I only had one part-time summer job before and I left on pretty bad terms. It’s now two years later and I’m finally looking for another part-time job to make some extra money. I would prefer not to mention my old job at all and just start over. Would an employer find out if I left it out? Would just a short part-time job show up on any sort of background check?

In answer:
A CV is a factually based sales pitch against a job, but that doesn’t mean you need to list every job you have ever done.

HR professionals think skills used in the last three years are relevant, the last five years revive able, and before that – extinct, and would need retraining for. Secondly, most large companies before asking you in for an interview will do a background check, which will reveal much of your employment and educational history

Unless the job and the skills are relevant to this job application, or you left under high-profile legal duress – ie: you stole/defrauded/were dismissed in a high profile legal case from your previous employer – leave it out. If it does come up, then you can say that you thought the experience was not relevant to this job application.

Good Luck!

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