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Job Search Pain

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As recruiters, all job applicants who approach us portray themselves as perfect and right – usually absolutely right – for the job we are advertising. Our role then is to test to see if that is true both functionally and well as socially inside our clients team.

However, as a Professional CV Writer, we expect to see problems – and probably lots of them. But what still surprises me is that many clients who need improved CV’s and hence better results for their own job search and job application have recently – or sometimes even just – rewritten their CV. Why is this?

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Much like a dentist, I expect as a Professional CV Writer to see problems, either:

  • In your CV
  • The Jobs you are choosing to apply for
  • The way in which you are applying

The most common problem, which I so understand when I see it in so many people who ask for our help as a Professional CV Writer, is confidence. Most CV clients have low confidence, verging often on low self esteem and possible cases of depression. It is not surprising that after being rejected 100’s of times, that individuals feel so down.

So why is it that these people, who have been rejected so many times, rewrite their CV’s and then approach us? Yes, it is probably a sense of personal pride, a sense of not wanting to be rejected again.

But, believe you me, you won’t be: we want to help, we want you to get employed, and we are motivated as much by professionalism as rewarded by you paying us.

Here is a thought: much like a dentist, I expect to find tooth pain that needs fixing. It is of no consequence why you haven’t yet found a job, it is of professional pride that you get one soon and get back to work. To get between these two points – you unemployed, we write you a CV, you get a job – you have to be open, honest (with yourself as much as us), and communicate about what you want to be doing. We will tell you if with your skills and experience if that is realistic or possible, but at the end of the day – you are the client.

Some of the best CV’s we have ever written come in on what could only be termed scraps of paper, some time even hand written. Yes, we were employed as their CV Writer, but some who really want to get employed don’t have access to home-based PC’s, so use use to craft that for them and create their job application, and we then send the job application in for them.

We think there are two types of customer: those most quickly employed are honest with themselves and open to change; those who can’t figure out why they are still employed and have never ask for our help

Don’t walk around with job search pain – we are always happy to help you get a job.

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