Linkedin Jobs: Q&A?

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009 - Blog

Linkedin Jobs: Q&A?

Dave Lawson asks: How do Recruiters and Hiring Managers look upon LinkedIn Q&A? Many people participate in Q&A under the assumption that it improves their overall resume. Yet, how do recruiters and hiring managers look upon participation in Q&A? Do you review the Q&A contributions of potential candidates? Are numbers – such as “answers this week” and “expertise points” – useful? Is Q&A participation looked upon as a time-waster? Is it useful for conveying extra information about expertise?

In answer:
Sorry dave, but it is my favourite answer: Possibly!

Of all the Social Media and Social Networking websites, if you are a professional – a job seeker or not – and you don’t have a profile on LinkedIn, then you are missing out on opportunity at many levels.

To answer the question specifically, it is more important to note there is a priority list of how the job search and recruitment process is undertaken:

  1. Job Specification – noting top 5 must have skills
  2. Candidate search – using internal database, active personal networks, passive Social Networks, Jobs Board and LI searches
  3. Job applicant short list– once you have a list, do some background checking. Most professionals who are job seeking will have an LI profile
  4. Check Google/social media profile – if its a technical position, or requires good Social Media or personal skills for instance, then if they have answered LI Q&A investigate what, how and when. However, more importantly, who has endorsed them

Most LI Q&A are either answered by those who wish to market/sell their services, or those who job seek. LI Q&A is also not the only place to answer questions on the net. Far more solidly, have applicants spoken at a conference or answered in a specialist forum?

Just because someone hasn’t answered LI Q&A doesn’t exclude them,. If they have, it just makes assessing them easier, and is at best the fourth part of a job search.

Good Luck!


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