LinkedIn Profile Tips

Friday, July 27th, 2012 - LinkedIn Profile Tips

LinkedIn Profile Tips

Here are our top5 LinkedIn Profile Tips that will improve your LinkedIn Profile today.

No.1 – Name and picture

You are not credible and won’t be taken as such without both a full name and profile picture. Don’t leave them blank or use false items, and don’t use your company name and/or company logo to improve SEO. Honest, it doesn’t, and no one searches LinkedIn for lawn care in Ohio! Without a name and photo, your ability to connect will decrease by at least two thirds, so make it your number1 priority.

No.2 – SEO starts in your title and headline

Many people talk a lot of rubbish about SEO on LinkedIn, but it starts not in your name but in your title and headline. So make these a combiantion of your actual title, and how you add value/solve problems for your customers. If your company doesn’t have a marketing manual, and you don’t know how people find you, then go over to Google Adword Keyword tool and find out. Then optimise your profile using these keywords, and start by adding them into your title and headline.

We suggest that you use the form for creating your profile: I am, I do/deliver, (I seek).

No.3 – Position in your profile, don’t sell!

People on LinkedIn are not looking to be sold to, they are looking to network. Now that might lead later/off platform to a sale, but it rarely will on platform. You are hence far better off positioning yourself in your profile, telling people about you and your organistaion and how you deliver value, than actually selling. Secondly, a brief profile is as bad as one that screams “Buy Me!”

For job seekers, a similarly bad idea is to make yourself look desperate for a job. Potential employers will only question why if you are so good, you are still not employed?

No.4 – A more complete timeline leads to more networking opportunity

LinkedIn is a networking site, and people come to connect with other interesting people. What type of interesting people? Those who are helpful and connected, and also those who they share something in common with.

Hence, the more complete your timeline, the more that you are likely to both appear in LinkedIn Searches, and attract new connections when people look at your profile.

Add features and functions

LinkedIn provide a good list of add-on or plug-in features, which allow you to attach blogs, videos and various feeds into your LinkedIn profile. These add two things:

  1. Depth, breadth (and direction): you are more than just words on a timeline. Provide links to the things that you want people to go to (and yes, possibly buy at). You become a 3D over a 2D person
  2. Colour and activity: a base LI profile is blue/black form with black typeface on a white screen. Adding video and blog links, or the Amazon favourites option, add colour.

Don’t forget the footer!

I’ll be honest, and say that most people won’t read the footer of you LI profile. But those who do are egerally the detailled/take action types. I always know if someone has actually read my profile, because right at the bottom are instructions on how to connect to me.

The footer hence may not be read by many, but those that do your conversion ration to connections will be over 80%. Compared to an average viewings to connections ration of less than 20%, that’s excellent.

Good Luck!


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