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Dean asks: I took a contract position in sales that lasted less then 90 days. Prior to this, I owned my own business for almost three years. Should I put the details of this position on my CV or list it under my own business as a contract assignment?

In answer:

A CV is a marketing document – no more, no less. The key question as to whether to include any skill, competency or experience therefore is to assess its relevancy to the job you are applying for: does the job advert ask for those skills? If yes, you have to include it.

The secondary consideration is chronology. Over 30days, and you have to include an experience. You could lump say six 30day duration contract positions as one contract experience, to reduce chronology turnover, but at 90days you ought to include it. The key consideration here is openness and honesty, plus the fact that modern day companies use checking services and a 90day contract experience is bound to show up in their searches.

Good Luck!

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