Lying on CV

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Lying on your CV

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Mark asks: I’ve lied my way through most of my CV but I need help with the last part. I need to add a couple of “achievements” to my CV. I’ve made up a couple of sport related ones from school etc. but I need to lie about something I did at work. (I’ve mainly worked in shops and customer service fields) Anyone have any good ideas? Thanks.

PS: if you are offended by this question, I’m sorry but you don’t live in the real world! Of course I’m going to lie on my CV! I need help because I’m getting no responses from my current one which I feel is perhaps too honest.

In answer:
Why would anyone want to support a liar, let alone an employer employ them? Having lied through your CV, how do you expect to:

  • (a) survive an interview
  • (b) be able to think the background checks wouldn’t raise a suspicion

Plus, the moment you sign the contract of employment (legally, you can lie as much as you want on a CV; but you will then be asked to fully validate it fully on your contract of employment), and then found out, you’ll be dismissed immediately, sued and possibly jailed.

A criminal record is real world, it doesn’t get much more real than that!

You should also advise anyone who acts as a reference and validates your lies, that they could also be prosecuted under criminal law to the same extent as you; plus sued to a greater extent for reimbursement of costs and resultant damages. It is why former employers now just give dates of employment, and reason for moving on only if it involved a disciplinary issue

You should also recognise there are other people who read the comments here. To support or validate your lies would make others think it was OK to do so, without knowledge of the downside

Don’t get angry if I point out the legal and very real world issues of lying in a job application. Reading the input here I hope makes you realise the very real risk you are taking, and think again. One lie on a CV could last a lifetime of missed opportunity.

Just tell the truth. Simpler, easier, gets you the job every time – and means you won’t have a criminal record!

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