Lying on your CV/Resume – is it illegal?

Monday, August 18th, 2008 - Job Application, professionalism, resume

John asks: 1) is it illegal or merely unethical to lie on your resume? (2) Is it an absolute grounds for firing or is does the lie have to be related to the job (e.g. pretend you lied about which high school you attended) (3) Does an employer have to pay the person for the time worked, or is a lie enough for an employer to refuse compensation? Or does it depend on how big the lie was?

In answer:
(1) No, it is not illegal – but its highly unethical, and very stupid considering most corporates now use checking services. Plus, if you attach it to an Application Form, and sign the form – then its illegal, and grounds for firing at any point throughout your working for that company. Hence why all companies use an Application Form to make the act of lying illegal

2) See the answer to (1) above. Best practise would also suggest that you should also investigate the person that hired them: because if the lie was important enough to fire the employee, then it should have been important enough to check before the person was hired.

3) Generally, you have to pay them – although check local law first. As the employer has been duped as much as the employee has lied, most will not seek recompense as long as the employee leaves quickly and quietly!

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