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Key Skills

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One of the key tactics to writing a job winning and Professional CV is to market your key skills, by putting them front and centre.

Employers love job applicants who show them that they have not only the required skills for the advertised job, but also key skills for being a great employee and workers.

But, do you know what your key skills are? Here’s some examples of marketable what may seem insignificant, but in actual fact are highly marketable skills sets:


There are many school and holiday skills, including a capability to speak a second language which many forget when applying for a job in a multinational company. Normally, when individuals write their own CV, they place their language capability right at the back of the CV, some where just above their CV Interests section. In that they mention they read, watch films and play a sport! Not many employers care less about your CV Interests unless they add to your skill sets, but a multiple language capability is a key skill set in a global world.


Every employer wants the ideal sales person: someone who can sell through cold calling 100% of the time, but also who can then get the paperwork complete after the customer has signed. I don’t know one sales manager who doesn’t have to remind his sales team on at least a quarterly basis that you don’t get paid commission until the paperwork is complete. Even if the job doesn’t ask specifically for administration skills, if you have external administration skills from a voluntary position – treasurer with a School PTA, or charity for instance – make sure these are included high on your CV


I gave CV advice a few months ago to a ex-convict, who wanted to become a web designer. He was a world traveller, who ran out of money. As an occasional cannabis smoker at the time, he got talked into driving a van back from Eastern Europe to the UK. After being caught at Dover, he spent five years in jail in the northwest of the UK, but during this time had gained an HND and a degree in website design. He couldn’t figure out why he couldn’t get a job, but that was easily explained by the statement half way down the first page of his CV which said he would explain the five year gap in his CV if he gained an interview. After replacing the five year gap in his CV with the fact he had gained an HND and a degree from a top class University, we bought a key skill from the bottom of page two to the front: the fact he had a first aid certificate. Small UK companies with five or more employees need a trained first aider

Management and Marketing

Every employer wants the ideal administrator, who is not only diligent but also has proven management ability and marketing flair. If you manage or chair a local team – the School PTA for instance – or have personally raised a sum in excess of £1000 for a local charity. even if the job doesn’t ask for these, put them high in your CV or Cover Letter.

Employment barriers

If you solve all of the employers concerns on employing you, reducing their risk, then your chances of employment escalate. I saw a Cover Letter on a forum, which although poorly written, brought out the innovation of the writer. Unemployed for six months, she had researched the UK Governments back to work programme for sub-25’s, and hence which employers could get grant money for employing her. I offered to rewrite the Cover Letter and CV for her, and she gained employment in a week by solving the employers problem

Good Luck!


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