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Thursday, March 1st, 2012 - Marketing Jobs

Marketing Jobs

There are lots of different types of Marketing Jobs, but is there one simple one concept of how to apply for them?

As a professional recruiter and Professional CV Writer, what always amazes me when someone mentions the need for a Marketing Job CV or asks us for CV Help with regards a marketing jobs CV, is that the words design, colour and font always seems to come forward as explanations for what appears on the 4+ pages in front of me. However, most often the first impression is that it looks like a accident between a print layout artist, the Dulux dog and an HP printer!

So lets start with the basics: what kind of marketing jobs are there, and what do employers seek from job applicants for them?

Jobs in Marketing

The types of marketing jobs, according to the leading jobs board in that market area, are as follows:

  • Advertising jobs
  • Direct marketing jobs
  • Marketing communication jobs
  • Advertising marketing jobs
  • eCommerce Marketing Jobs
  • Media marketing jobs
  • Brand Management Jobs
  • Graphic design jobs
  • Online Marketing Jobs
  • Category Management Jobs
  • Market Analyst jobs
  • PR jobs
  • Design jobs
  • Market research jobs
  • Product Development Jobs
  • Digital marketing jobs
  • Marketing and Sales jobs
  • Product marketing jobs

OK, that’s a list of 18 different types of position within the defined concept of Marketing Jobs.

Now, one supplementary question: How many of those positions involve the need or application of design to the task, and resultant need for proven artistic design competencies within the job applicant?

The answer is two in their core (graphic design; design), and possibly up to an additional four as an ideal extra skill (advertising; media marketing; product development; digital marketing).

Hence in total, less than a third of marketing jobs require some form of competency in art and design. So why do so many marketing jobs applicants insist on placing the words design, colour and font ahead of what the employer seeks?

If you come back to basics, what does the employer seek in the other 16 positions?

Marketing Communications Jobs

Effectively they are all communications issues, and at a business level a risked investment return in that the job holder can create tactical or strategic programmes to engage (ie: communicate to and get the target audience to take the required action) which creates a positive financial or market return. Hence a key Marketing Jobs skills matrix is three fold:

  1. Analyse (scientific)
  2. Envision (artistic) and Strategise (scientific)
  3. Deliver (manage) the required result

So, if employers are seeking on the one hand a 90% risked financial return (with a proven track record; ie, a scientific over a creative/artistic skill), and only a 10% capability in design; why do marketing jobs candidates insist on becoming artistes and designers within their CV’s?

Only Marketing Jobs

Now let’s think about the risks of adopting such an artistic-led approach within your Professional CV. While I may like red, you may prefer blue. So your blue design CV turns up on my desk, and due to my dislike of blue, as the Hiring Manager I reject you. However, also turns out that in your career background, you designed something great in red that I would have adored and thought was brilliant. It was just that for your CV design your choose blue.

Hence, however you create, introduce or send your job application into an employer, what you don’t want them to do is make the “Reject or Telephone Interview decision based on that one piece of information. Like all good job applicants, you want collaborating supporting evidence that shows:

  1. You are what you claim: leads to a broad portfolio of proven work (both red and blue!)
  2. You consistently deliver the required result business outcome: showing engagement on different types of client, products/services, and communications challenges and using different/appropriate mediums

Marketing Team

There is one other aspect which I think is key in marketing jobs: showing team work. I can think of few positions within the work place where the ability to work within constantly changing teams of differing make-up (employer, client, third parties, contractors), such as those in marketing jobs. Hence part of the evidence that you need to show within your job application is your ability to create and support team working. This also leads to the need to evidence leadership skills, even for the most basic of marketing jobs positions.

Marketing Jobs UK

Having read this article through, please don’t conclude that I dismiss artistic and most specifically creative skills. Artistic skills are as I have shown key in some areas of marketing jobs, but creativity in your job application in identifying the hiring manager (ie: target audience), and then creating a programme that gets them to take the required action (ie: pick up the phone and call you), are essential.

If we hence come back to the ideal outcome of a best practise job application, (ie: demonstrating your skills within your job application), then marketing jobs are gained through focusing on consistently delivering creative engagement that gets the customer to take action.

In all cases in job application, and specifically in marketing jobs, that is: Can you get the hiring manager to pick up the phone and call you? Ideally in an innovative and engaging way.

Does it hence matter whether you do this by artistic means (artwork, design or copy writing), or marketing system and approach? No! You just have to get the customer to take the required action.

Good Luck!

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