Migrant Worker UK IT Jobs?

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Migrant Worker UK IT Jobs?

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Pratan asks: I just qualified MCSE at an English-based institute, but I am told now that I can’t apply for any jobs in the UK because I only have a student visa. When I do a search online, I do find good ones at least for a start, but they are all full time and I need to continue my studies – I am doing my degree next year, and hope to qualify MSc. I asked the college about how to go and meet managers in companies and market myself, but the other problem is I am timid in these stuffs and I dunno how to properly discuss such things with managers. If I do go, the first thing they will take my CV and put away, or they will simply say there is no jobs for the moment. I am desperate for a job, as I am presently wholly reliant on my parents, and want to get married to a girl I met during my stay in the UK, but she is not happy as I don’t have a job. I ask god why am I facing such problems, or even ask for a better life but no answer. I really want to be positive in life: have a job, do things properly, save money, enjoy life, be responsible. Can you please help?

In answer:
The first and major problem you have, is that you are a non-EU national. Any UK employer will recognise you as a potential Highly Skilled Migrant at present, but to apply for that status you need to be:

  • Outside the UK at time of application
  • Have a skill listed in the HSMP programme, which I would doubt
  • Be applying for a job with an approved employer in an approved job
  • Have a minimum of three years post-graduate experience

You also as a student visa holder agreed to exit the UK 3months after the end of your course.

Highly Skilled Migrant Programme

The good news is that having studied in the UK, if you did come in on the HSMP you would get 30/50 extra points.

If you can sort out your personal life, and if she is a UK passport holder, then getting married if you really want to work in the UK – you have to wait 6months after marriage before being allowed to work, and no state benefits for three years – seems like the quickest option.

Good Luck!

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