Morrisons Jobs

Monday, August 15th, 2011 - Morrisons Jobs

Morrisons Jobs

Even in this bleak and flat lining economy, and when unemployment is at a relatively high level, there is still some good news. Therefore a record level of 20% unemployment level in the 16-24 year old market has at least been seen by one employer with a great track record.

Morrisons, who have recognised the long term drop in the UK national birth rate, have this week announced a superb strategic recruitment initiative for school leavers. They intend over the next two years to recruit 1,000 school leavers, and train them as future managers using the last Labour governments “degree” initiative and incentives. Norman Pickavance, Morrisons Group HR director, said:

“This is an opportunity for young people who have the right drive and attitude to reach senior management levels in the company. It offers a genuine alternative to self-funded university qualifications.”

The scheme targets 18-24 year olds, with two Bs and a C at A-level. Starting on a salary of £12,000, successful trainees will undertake a six month in store training scheme, before starting a tailored foundation degree in retail management at the University of Bradford School of Business. There will be eight hours of home study per week, plus periodic regional and national study workshops programmes.

Successful graduates of the scheme are promised senior management opportunities in stores. Store managers run multimillion-pound businesses, putting them in the top 10% of earners in Britain. Morrisons has a successful track record of employment through training, being the UK’s largest provider of apprenticeships than any other British company as its trains butchers, bakers and fishmongers for its stores. This latest programme is an investment of £4M.

So how do you get a Morrisons Jobs?

Morrisons Jobs: portal and basics

The Morrisons Jobs portal is accessed from their main corporate website; you can find it here.

We have done some analysis of other employers approach to online recruitment portals, but this one is different – again! When you go to most jobs portals, they are: stand alone; contain all the required information in one place. Most also include a why work for us brief. Not with Morrisons! As it is sat on the main corporate website, that background and why work for us information is integrated into the main website. On the jobs portal hence, there is just information about jobs, and how to apply for jobs, and – not a lot else!

I like this approach. As I have said on numerous occasions before, each employers job application system is a “test” from the moment that you start your job application. How that employer approaches how they test you, the job applicant, weeds our and eliminates those that won’t fit into their systems and structure, or human scale relationships. Hence by splitting the about us and why work for us information form the job application area, Morrisons system has an inbuilt test for both intelligence, preparedness and interest. If you are not interested in a Morrisons Jobs, then you won’t pass this test.

The downside could be that this type of system could create a lot of false and “any job will do” job applications, but as Morrisons HR will have designed and tested this system, its a reflection of what works for them.

Which is probably why they DO also have a dedicated jobs portal called! This does all the normal integrated jobs portal stuff, and does provide a specific “why work for us” brief.

This dual approach is common in many large employers, but this is probably one of the best implementations of a job information and applications system that I have seen. Also, its not caled “” or something similar. They have tried to be innovative and engage their potential new employees, plus used something which spins-in their own marketing and branding with “fresh.” Overall, I can’t think of many employers ahead of Morrisons in this job application portal area: both sides covered and a innovate approach!

About Morrisons Jobs

Like many retail and service employers, Morrisons about us page gives enough but not a whole set of details and information from which job seekers and potential applicants can learn what they need to include and address in their job application. This one is short, focused and less than 200words long. Personally for a dedicated “I want to work for Morrisons” job applicant that’s too short, and you would be better to go and read the full story on the Corporate About Us page.

The summary from the specialists jobs section though is as follows:

So what does working here mean? It’s a unique culture – a mix of heritage, living a promise, delivering high standards and value for money which exceed all expectations. Come and be a part of it.

Again, I like this. Its short, simple and straight to the point, with all the information required to both vet out those who won’t make it past the vetting process, but includes enough for the dedicated job seeker to hone and focus their job application on a Morrisons Jobs.

In Store Morrisons Jobs

There are effectively two types of jobs at Morrisons, and hence two different ways to apply.

The easiest to explain are in store jobs. On both the corporate and dedicated job application websites, there are lists of new stores and what skills are required. For existing stores, the website explains that each store has an in store personnel manager, through which all job applications should be process. To do this you need to download a common job application form, complete it, and then send it to the in store personnel manager together with your Professional CV.

Now, if it was me, would I just send in my form and CV? No, I’d want to find three questions about that job and that store (ie: not Morrisons, but questions about that store), and – unless you have friends or relatives who work there – then ring the store and ask to speak to the personnel manager. If you have friends/relatives working there already, get them to ask and be put on the waiting list! Having had a telephone interview, I’d want to agree a date on which we could meet – you only want to ask for a 15in meeting at maximum. Then press home the why you want to work for Morrisons. This simple change to the suggested scheme job application should improve your chances of a job three fold.

Corporate Morrisons Jobs

All other Morrisons Jobs – from head office, logistics (some of which is outsourced), Manufacturing, Graduates through to a dedicated Pharmacy portal – are all processed online.

There is a common four part basic form, which is split into 27 questions:

  • First, a bit about you: name, address, contact details
  • And the Fresh career you are looking for: nearest stores/locations
  • Where are you working now: who, where, what, why leaving?
  • And finally … 4 questions and your CV: allowed to work in UK, a couple of questions dedicated to that job. Then attach your CV, agree to the legal T&C’s, and press to apply

I have seen these online applications forms go on for ever. In example, Marks and Spencers jobs portal is more like a job application assault course than anything else, but this one – at 4 sections/27 questions – is simple and should encourage all job applicants to complete the system.

Morrisons Jobs: in summary

So what are my thoughts on Morrisons Jobs? As an employer, their record speaks for itself: UK’s biggest apprenticeship trainer. Secondly, the jobs portals reflect this and their Yorkshire-esque based approach: easy, simple, supportive. I have’nt had the pleasure of assessing many better jobs portals, but if I was thinking about applying for retail jobs, then Jobs at Morrisons would be on my list. Much as though Marks and Spencer may have the street-talk upper hand at present, Morrisons deserve a lot more credit for their great approach to job application and employment.

Good Luck!


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