My dream job just got advertised! Do you know what yours looks like?

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My dream job just got advertised!

Do you know what yours looks like?

Should I be writing a blog today? Not sure, don’t think so, I should be filling out a job application for my dream job!

But, when we start out by providing our Free CV Review service, and ask job seekers two simple questions:

  1. What it is that you want do do next?
  2. Who are the Top10 employers that provide that opportunity?

Those who have been in job search mode the longest, can’t answer the first part, let alone name one ideal employer. Are the two positions – inability to know what your dream job looks like, and associated longer job search – linked? I conclude so.

My dream job

In a quick background summary, like all small boys I loved railways! My grandfather owned a small holding right next to the former GWR mainline north of Taunton, and I could hence either meander off into his fields to watch the trains from the side, or when older walk up the quiet lane to an over bridge and wave at the drivers. Dreams via a trainset didn’t turn into a career in the nationalised railways, and I am very happy that I choose telecoms over the steel road. Plus, it meant I could sample rail travel around the world.

Having been a rugby fan, and wanting not to spend the rest of my life in the traffic jam which is the M25, I had always planned to move back to Wales, where I gained my first Masters degree. The opportunity came 20 years earlier than I planned, and I have no regrets moving back: low cost and easy access to a compact capital city, with sea, beaches and great walking all within a 30min drive. Yet only 2hrs to London by a train on which I can sit down, at a cost of £10 and 45mins more than it was from North Kent. Out of touch and isolated? Keep thinking that, and then we can keep living in this great part of the UK!

But I still have that hankering for railways, and would love – when I retire, in at least 15+ years – to spend some time working on one. There is fairly easy access to the West Somerset Railway from South Wales, and they have just advertised my dream job: station manager at Crowcombe Heathfield station. I can’t think of anything much better than working in the rolling Somerset hillside, with steam trains puffing by every so often, and taking care of the station and its passengers. Lovverly!

But its a bit too early to take my dream job, much as though its available. I know where I want to go next, and when I want to take certain opportunity, and that’s what I noticed about the most successful job seekers.

Career Plan v Right Opportunity

When I started researching Why Do Good Job Seekers Get Rejected, my first though on Successful Job Seekers was that they had to have a career plan. Sorry, it wasn’t true!

The truth was, whether they had: spent the previous few months thinking about it; had progressed through 200+ job applications to know what it was; or anything in between. They all knew what their next ideal job looked like.

Why does this work? The general view of job seekers is to create a Professional CV which is much like a patchwork quilt or a blanket. Resultantly, they believe that they can chuck it at any job application, with minimal adjustment, and then hope – with fingers crossed – for a Telephone Interview, or any other response. The reality of this approach is, unfortunately, unlimited rejection!

Good job seekers, as I outline in the 5 Steps To Employment:

  1. Know what they offer
  2. Know what they seek
  3. Know what the market is looking for (50+ jobs)

They hence have an online and in personal profile that fits the ideal job applicant for those types of jobs. Hence, they get engaged more by sector-specialist recruiters and employers, and converting more Telephone Interviews into Job Interviews, and Job Interviews into Job Offers, get employed quicker.

Or as I put it, they throw aimed javelins over random blankets!

Improve your job search, instantly, with focus

The answer to solving most job search problems, instantly, is to ask the job seeker what they want to do next? Normally they then caveat this with “But that job doesn’t exist” or “No one’s recruiting for that right now”, to which our normal response is “And, have you checked that?” Most often the reply is “No!”

Answer this question:

If 50 jobs existed in the market, right now, and you couldn’t win one of them,

would you say that you had a good or a bad job search technique?

Yet many job seekers at present apply for 250+ jobs at present, to even get a single Job Interview. Better to apply for what you want (focus) and improve your job application technique, than get stuck in Any Job Will Do syndrome or Job Search Hell!

To do that, right now, ask yourself the following three questions:

  • What it is that you want do do next? (title, market, geography, pay)
  • Who are the Top10 employers that provide that opportunity? (name them, write them down)
  • Can you find between 20 and 50 such jobs advertised, right now, on your favourite Jobs Boards?

Or, if you want our help in doing that, then just request one of our Free CV Reviews, and we’ll be happy to help and advise.
Good Luck!


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