Need experience to get the job?

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Need experience to get the job;

job to get the experience?

The Real Work Experience: Professionals

Chris asks: The age-old dilemma: You need the experience to get the job. You need the job to get the experience. How do you solve it?

In answer:
From your LinkedIn Profile, I see that you’re about to enroll in an information technology programme. Your best bet is to select a programme that offers either co-ops or internships. These are usually paid jobs while in school that allow you to gain experience while also gaining educational credit.

If you have time, one good way to get experience is to volunteer your services in the field you want to get into. Charities, community groups or schools are sometimes happy to oblige with a volunteer project, after which they can be your reference.

On the other hand, one way to try to avoid the dilemma is by writing a more Functional CV. It can highlight tasks in the desired position you’ve already mastered in other work experience, even if it was under a different job title.

IT is also a technical jobs, ie: you need certain qualifications and certifications before you can get the job interview, let alone the job which is more reliant then on practical experience. So if you use a modern Professional CV format. This means adding a keywords section up front, just after your personal statement

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    Yeah not so easy task but a determined one never looses hope…And also if he/she can find the right way or ways from an expert hand…then nothing matters.

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