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No Experience Jobs

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Often, job seeking is not ideal, and made even more difficult in this economy if you are looking for No Experience Jobs.

However, don’t give up! There are many solutions to finding work, and you don’t have to be inventive or an outright liar on your CV to get employed. In example…..

Chris, a job seeker, asks: How can I secure decent employment with a very poor CV history and no-one for references? I haven’t much to show for on a CV over the last five years and I have so many gaps that I would have to explain. Basically it brings me out in a cold sweat thinking about it and I would have to lie big time which is a very insecure thing and I’m not very good at. I don’t have any decent employment referees or any one else who isn’t ‘a friend’ or ‘related.’ Sometimes I think I should fake my own death and start again. Maybe not.

In answer:
You are faced with three options:

  1. Apply and lie: Don’t do it – the moment you are found out, you can be dismissed instantly with no notice or redundancy
  2. Training: Your best route will be via the JobCentre+. There are lots of retraining programs they offer, and subsidies on college schemes. You only need one certificate and a reference from a college – both of which can be achieved in less than 3months – for a real job
  3. Volunteer: it is something the Americans are more aware of, but 12weeks of voluntary work will give you a solid base of experience and a reference.

Combine the last two, with a bit of self planning. Take three sheets of paper: on the first where you are now with your strengths and experiences; sheet two where you want to be in five years time – pictures give more magnetism; sheet three – how to get between sheets 1 and 2!

Take them down to the JobCentre, and have a discussion. Go down without some thought or planning, and you might end up somewhere you don’t want to to or regret later. They really can help you, and have the money (before 6th May) to do so.

Good Luck!


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3 Responses to “No Experience Jobs UK”

  1. Achille Says:

    Thanks for explaining this so easily and clearly, I can now I understand the way of going about this

  2. Cordell Says:

    You have got your position across better than I ever might, bless you!

  3. Barrington Says:

    This is great information. I stumbled on this while googling for some free stuff, I’ll be sure to visit regularly. thanks for sharing!

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