No Job

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No Job

The Way I See It #17

Leah asks: I am depressed there ain’t no jobs out there! I have been searching for work now a year and I have got some good qualifications and complete drive to go back to work. But not one response. I have changed my CV three times! Why can’t I get a job?

In answer:
Sounds like you need some job search advice, so here are my top ten tips:

  1. Job searching is tough – always has been, always will be, so you just have to get used to it. I have great sympathy, but finding a job is difficult. Keep your spirits up!
  2. Job searching is fun! Successful employment is about getting a routine quickly, and learning from actual employer feedback: why were you rejected? My best tip for job seekers is that quicker learning from actual employer feedback means less unemployment
  3. Do you know your skills? Yes, this might seem a strange question, but do you know the top five skills you offer an employer? They might not be the one’s you think they are, and once you know them your career options will quickly open up. I got an ex-convict employed off of the back of noticing he had a first aid certificate
  4. Does your ideal job exist? have you searched a jobs boards or skimmed a newspaper, and found at least 10 jobs which match your skills and career goals? If you can’t, then firstly widen your geographic search until it is national. Can’t find 10 jobs with that criteria nationally, probably means your ideal job doesn’t exist. Change something around in the type of work you would/could do until you do find 10 jobs
  5. Learn to read job adverts – 1/3 of all job applicants are rejected because they apply for jobs they don’t have the skills for, and 1/3 because they can not communicate their skills. Use our why was I rejected test to make sure you don’t fall into the same trap
  6. Learn to adapt your CV to each job application – changing your CV three times in a year, when you should be applying for around 5 jobs per day, shows you are using the same old bland CV for every application. That won’t work in this market, and never will again. Have your base CV checked for free using our CV Help service
  7. Before applying, do your research – it is easy today to get to a local Library, use one of their free computers, and do some great research on the company who is advertising a job. This will make a difference to your application, and you  will know what they seek in their employees and can reflect this in your Cover Letter
  8. Find hidden jobs – two thirds of all jobs are never advertised – one third are filled by promotion, and one third by candidates know to the employer, often introduced by an existing employee. Let your friends know who are employed that you are job seeking, and ask if their company has work?
  9. Do something with your time – after three months of unemployment, a fair interview question will be “what did you do with your time?”Ask about voluntary jobs, or call local charities offering to work – ideally using your skills – for free
  10. Access training via the Job Centre – the Job Centre staff are targeted to get you off of the dole within 3months: they get a bonus if they do! Use this to your advantage, particularly if you are aged between 16 and 25, to get a better package of training in new marketable skills

But my number1 tip for all job seekers is: always ask for feedback. Quicker learning from actual employer feedback means less unemployment

I feel sympathy when job seekers say there are no jobs, but presently 10% of all vacancies have been open for more than 3months. That doesn’t sound like a no jobs market to me

If we can ever help, please just ask – Good Luck!


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One Response to “No Job”

  1. Simon Jones Says:

    Definitely worthy advice. With this site’s free CV review system, my wife had two job offers within as many weeks. The jobs are definitely there, just stay focussed, follow advice in these blogs to a ‘T’, and always remain open to opportunities.

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