One semester – worth adding to your CV/Resume?

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008 - bristol cv, cardiff cv, CV Writing, Job Application, job hunting, resume writing

Bob asks: What’s the best way to add one semester of first-year Java programming to a résumé so it sounds impressive?

In answer:
How long ago was this? And at best, that’s say two lectures a week for a 12week semester, so 24hours of study maximum?

The first thing on any CV/Resume is not to lie. Putting it on your CV/Resume with any more weight than can be verified – in your own words: “one semester of first-year” – is lying. And remember, most companies now employ checking services, which can delve into almost everything from High School onwards.

Hence, at the foot of the second page of your CV/Resume where you can summarise skills you have covered, its at best a listing there alongside your one semester of Cobol and a couple of years as a youngster on a Sinclair Spectrum or original Apple!

If you go further and insert this “skill” in an embellished style on your Application Form, then its technically a sacking offence at any point during your working for that company.

Good Luck!

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