Online Job Boards – is this happening to you?

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Jan asks: A few months, one of my friends suggested that I join a few of the online job boards, The Ladders, Netshare etc. They had a great response and was offered a few positions. So, I did and I had horrible results which was fine – however not one of my first, second nor third follow-up was ever answered by anyone – the poster. Then I heard that most of the recruiters posting on these online job boards were bogus positions and even the recruiters calling were calling about bogus positions. So, I decided to test the waters and applied to over 100 positions in one day – no response. The recruiters calling would tell me the company and I would have my network find out if it were true – no positions open. Then another question was posted about the same thing and I responded as to my experiences. Over the past two days, I have received some from companies stating that my qualifications were inadequate and they thanked me. However, the e-mails are to “recepients” and are canned messages. Now some of you will say – they have so many applicants that is acceptable, but in today’s age of technology – I beg to differ – they do have to do business – and they want people to have good will about them – no matter if it is employment, customers or partners. Are you getting the same messages and do you feel this is just a way for the recruiters and the online job boards to continue to bring in much needed revenues for them to stay afloat? I cancelled my memberships – and will not join again – I am starting my own consulting company as I feel my background is needed for a lot of companies.

In answer:
I am sorry to hear about your experiences Jan, and wish you luck in your new businesses and career path.

But truthfully from a recruiters view point, I am not surprised. There is much debate amongst the recruiter and HR professionals of the use of job boards, particularly with regards the quality of both jobs and candidates:

– which company would post their vacancy on a job board, when the branding is the job boards and not theirs? Many of the more established job boards recognise the topline corporates need this branding feel, and create special co-brand pages for large NYSE and FTSE companies
– which candidates would post their CV/Resume to a jobs board? Unless you are unemployed, it can be found as easily by your existing employer, and would hence been seen as an “I’m leaving” sign. Why not use a business focused social network like LinkedIn where you can post all your details and be passively found, but don’t have to hoist up the “I’m looking” flag of desperation

For medium scale employers, I think job boards can offer a lot: it is certainly offers more effective coverage than posting your vacancy in the local newspaper, and cheaper than posting in one of the specialist sector magazines. For candidates who are on the open market, then I think it can offer much in raising the flag of availability higher: what have you got to lose?

To find a good jobs board, then look for people like you/from your sector, and employers you want to work for/good recruiters posting jobs you could apply for, in a decent volume: at least 10 opportunities you could apply for today. In the recruitment world, certain jobs boards have better reputations for certain sectors than others. Hence, why post your new vacancy everywhere when one posting at one cost will cover 80% of the market of ideal candidates? Candidates need to pick up on these subtleties.

However, that doesn’t stop the old recruitment games going on. Not that I agree with it or allow it at my company, but it has to be accepted by anyone who posts either a vacancy or a CV/Resume on a jobs board that still there will be recruiters building their dBases through calling such employers (and offering secret/inside candidates), or candidates (and offering secret/inside vacancies). Most of the large national recruiters will train and pay their own new trainees to get used to a telephone by undertaking such dBase building exercises, and paying them on collecting CV/Resumes/vacancies.

Jobs boards are a good development in the market, but for these reasons and cautions they don’t offer a whole solution for either candidates or employers, and in some cases not ideal for either.

Good Luck in your new venture!

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2 Responses to “Online Job Boards – is this happening to you?”

  1. HR Connexions Says:


    Its a shame that your first attempt at trying the online Job boards to search for employment has resulted in such a negative outcome. Ian is very correct in what he advises about the fact that they do have their limitations and there are still a lot of “old recruitment” games going on. With the advent of such great technology now at a recruiters finger tips it is always very disappointing to hear that companies still do not get back in touch with applicants to advise them of their status in the recruitment cycle.

    As an online recruitment company (we advertise and attract applicants from job boards on behalf of companies) it is very difficult to give specific reasons for rejection as we generate over 8,000 applications per month. However, it is vitally important that there is a human element to our online system which is why we are always at the end of a phone line / email to help applicants when they do have specific questions. The point I am trying to make is that although there are a lot of recruitment companies offering applicants a less than satisfactory service, there are also those who do try and look after its customers.

    One point to mention is an article that I spotted this week on fraud and posting CVs online and something that I think should have a bit more publicity (in today’s security issue environment) Рcheck out the link:

    I hope you will consider using job boards for your recruitment search again and also take Ians advise on using social networking sites to look for employment – most online companies should have a mention on these sites, so maybe it would be worth checking out the legitimacy of the vacancies on LI prior to applying?

    Let me know how you get on

    online recruitment company

  2. Ray Says:

    Here’s 3 sites just added to’s top 10 job site list…. (networking) (aggregated listings) (matches you to jobs)

    good luck to those searching for jobs.

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