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Tuesday, June 17th, 2008 - candidate, career transition, Job Application, recruiters

Victor asks: A number of recruiters have approached me with a form to fill and asked permission to submit my credentials to their clients. On the other hand, there were some who simply told me that they would submit my credentials. Because they didn’t ask my permission, should I assume that those recruiters didn’t find me qualified enough?

In Answer:
The form is an admin tool, to: show to the recruiters client that you agreed to be submitted; and when you signed so shows who should get the major amount of the cake if you are employed/there is a dispute

Some agencies will use it internally for the purpose of making sure you agreed to be listed – they often pay their people bonuses for building their dBase of candidates!!!

And that brings up the second issue – the ethics and operations of the agency. Do you want your details sent in a pile of other CV/Resumes, just so the recruiter can bill for part of their fee – or do you want an agency that meets you and asks a few questions about your career goals?

A form is not always so bad, and once you understand the need for it can be a very good thing for experienced candidates looking for the right position. Good Luck!

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