Submission or convocation date would be considered date of completing Ph.D.?

Thursday, December 11th, 2008 - CV Writing, Ph.D., university

Suresh asks: I am confused to write this in my CV. Which of them: Thesis submission date or convocation date in which actual degree is awarded would be considered date of completing Ph.D.? Unlike Graduation degrees where the examination, announcement of result and award of degree are normally in the same year, in Ph.D., there is often a lag of 1-2 years. So what people consider writing in their resume as year of completion of Ph.D. Awaiting response. Thanks.

In answer:

Taking into account that you should never, ever lie on a CV, the way to think about this is: what would the awarding University say if they were asked when you gained the Ph.D? If you have a Ph.D then the potential employer will use checking services, and that will reveal whatever the University says.

If in doubt, then declare the later award date, but insert the submission date in the education section of your CV. If the job you are applying for asks for two years post-doctorate study or commercial application, ring the HR department and check what they mean. Employers who ask for applicants with a Ph.D will understand the difference, and that consequently there will be a date overlap between submission, employment and award.

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