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Tuesday, July 15th, 2008 - CV Writing

Vinicius asks: I worked last years with in a web-based systems development and now I want to create my portfolio and show if necessary. How is the better way to create and show my Portfolio? Someone has a idea? What’s more applicable to this case? Show only links or some more described like screen shots and detailed specs about?

In Answer:
A portfolio is a great idea, and will really show off your capabilities. You need to focus that in showing both learning, development and progression as well as management/control of project as the portfolio develops.

I would start with listing down all the websites you have been involved with – if ever you go for a professional qualification, a good “diary” will be a basic requirement for entry, so you should have one already.

Next, for each site state your position in the project, and then the client brief: focusing on the business gains they wanted, and why they choose you/your company. Finally, through both the graphics (one page per site ideally) as well as some chosen words, show how you met or developed the final product and your role within the team (so that’s need, brief, activity, outcome – think about each as a project). If you have numbers (ie – investment versus return). then include those at the end.

Now, pick out the projects in reverse chronological order – going back from your current to first project. See how your skills have developed, and hence pick the ten which best show how your have progressed along the line (ie – learning, development and progression as well as management/control of project). You want to show your development towards this ideal job

Too many portfolio’s include the same old/same old story: brief, cool graphics, invoice – as a portfolio for gaining the next job, you want to show progression on the key skills the employer is looking for. And always include a bit of innovation/progression between projects, and don’t leave too long a timeline “gap” between projecxts – space them evenly.

This output should be available in A4 sheet format per project, as well as online – clearly your end deliverable is not on paper, but the web! Its just better to rely on paper at an interview

Good Luck, and if I can help further – please just ask!

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