Previous employer gone bust – does it reflect on me?

Thursday, March 19th, 2009 - CV Writing, Job Application, Professional CV, redundancy

Employer gone Bankrupt

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Margaret asks: Does it reflect poorly on me if a previous employer has gone out of business due to the recession? Should I avoid using that employer as a reference?

In answer:

The basic rules of CV/resume writing always apply – always be honest!

How you position it does depend upon the position you held, and if you had any responsibility for business direction, or policy planning. If you were COO or CEO, it might reflect upon your abilities to keep a business afloat, but if you weren’t holding primary responsibility for the business’ profit & loss, it won’t.

It is not a good idea to avoid using an employer (or contact within that business) as a reference, if they can still be contacted. As part of your exit procedure, you should have been given reference letters, but if not consider whether the employer would have given you a good reference? Secondly, can you still reach a senior manager within that former business? Might it be worth asking directly whether they would provide a reference, perhaps personally, in place of a professional reference?

Good Luck!

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