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Previous Employment

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Andy asks: Can an employer trace previous employment? I’ve expanded my CV to cover a gap in employment. I have a job interview coming this week and would like to know if there is anyway I can be found out.

In answer:
Rule1 in writing a CV or making any Job Application: never, never ever lie! It creates stress in you to falsify a consistent story, and means that once employed you can be sacked instantly once found out. Your CV is not a legal document, but the employers job application form is.

CV Checking

Most large corporate employers and those jobs which require an element of regulated trust or security, will use a third party CV checking service. These go through everything, all the way back to your school record and also check financial records.

Even if they don’t use a checking service, your P45 will reveal key dates. Although HMRC won’t give any information, the P45 will show your date of leaving your last employer. You will also need all of your references to lie, which also makes them liable for prosecution, at a higher tariff than yourself.

At present, you have no fear of saying I was unemployed for a time. There are enough candidates out there now with a good 3/6months+ worth on unemployment on CV, that employers wholly accept. Just make sure you have the right skills before applying

Good Luck!

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One Response to “Previous Employment”

  1. bob Says:

    If a worker had worked in an agency in 2008 for about a month and in 2009 for 3 months, in that condition, will the agency,if requested provide dates mentioning both the dates?

    (1)If the agency in a reference letter had forgotten to mention the 2008, if requested later, will they do it again and will it be accepted?

    (2)If the worker is declared that he had worked with the agency from May till August,however if the agency mentions till September, as the say that they have issued a P45 on September. In this case will it be considered that the worker is lying but he is not?

    Please suggest.
    Any difference between the dates stated on your CV and those declared by a previous employer in a reference will be raise suspicion. The new employer most likely will accept the dates from the reference, and taking into how desperate they are for your skills, either see it as a lie and hence dismiss your application, or (in about 10% of cases) go back to you and question the dates.

    You can always ask for a sample reference from any employer you intend to use as a reference point, which is always best practise. Hence date issues can be resolved before references are needed to be taken.

    Good Luck!

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