Professional CV

Professional CV

Uncover your true potential, and get employed

Our customers recommend our Professional CV service, as they get employed quicker through use of our professional Job Application techniques, as well as having a great CV.

Do you want a CV or employment?

As recruiters who investigated providing a Professional CV service, one thing we noticed about CV Writers was that they all claimed to write great CV’s: and honestly, we know some of them do. But the job seekers who buy these CV’s just want to apply for jobs. Many people have difficultly looking at themselves objectively, so going to a CV Writer helps them achieve this “apply for jobs” activity quicker

What we saw from our office as recruiters, and in talking to career professionals to develop this service, was that career professionals want to get employed, not just apply for jobs. So that is what our Professional CV service is will do: get you more interviews sooner, to get you employed quicker.

Applying for jobs is quite easy today. You register on a jobs board, or read a local or national newspaper, and see what job adverts appeal or that which you have the skills for. You then simply write a Cover Letter, enclose your CV, and complete the application form and wait – anywhere between 3days and 4weeks. Because you don’t know when the employer will come back to you, just in case you apply for other jobs. And so the job search circle continues.

Job Application statistics

The result of all this job application activity is typically for every 10 to 20 job applications you make, you will get 1 telephone interview if you employed a CV Writer; your ratio will be lower than 1 interview in 20 if you created your own CV

Now, as recruiters ourselves we know that to get a candidate employed you need both the skills to do the job (functional fit), and to match within the team (social fit). Even the best executive recruiters would consider a success ratio of around 66% excellent.

So, to get yourself employed using a CV Writer would normally take in excess of 40 job applications, resulting in 4 telephone interviews and 2 physical interviews to get 1job, and hence be employed. In the present economic environment, that could easily double.

Typically, most job applicants apply for five jobs a week, so at the earliest you might get a job in 8 weeks. As the average UK wage is £24,000, job application could cost you in excess of £4,800 in lost income alone. That could easily double if you have written your own CV.

Get Employed quicker!

Our Professional CV service gives you all the service a Professional CV Writer should provide, to create a bespoke Professional CV for you:

  • Provide a free CV review service
  • Undertake an initial telephone consultation with a named consultant, who will note:
    • Your educational and career path
    • Your achievements and ambitions
  • This will:
    • Determine and market your achievements
    • Create your core competencies
    • Highlight your transferable skills
    • Strengthen areas of weakness
  • Create a draft Professional CV, eMailed to you in 48hrs
  • A complimentary choice of one of our eBooks, which will help guide you through various aspects of getting employed
  • Allow you to make as many changes as you want to your Professional CV
  • Provide your completed Professional CV within 3 working days, in the paper or soft copy format of your choice

Interview Guaranteed!

But we also back up our service with an Interview Guarantee. Although our Professional CV Writing service costs no more than the average UK CV Writing service – the equivalent of 1 days pay for the average British worker – our service comes with a guaranteed job interview in 30days, or your money back.

We are confident in offering that guarantee, as our satisfied employed customers and measured statistics prove that our average Professional CV service client gets 1 job interview in every 2.6 job applications, and resultantly on average employed in 4 weeks.

How do we achieve this? Simply by adding to our CV Writing Service the most important part of the Job Application process, that no other CV Writer provides:

  • Showing and educating our clients on both what skills they have
  • The types of jobs they should be applying for
  • Then coaching them via our system on how to get job interviews

Our typical client using our Professional CV service gains employment within the first month of working with us, gaining 2 interviews every three job applications. Our best client so far undertook five job applications, gained three interviews and had two job offers in three weeks.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

We only want to provide 100% customer satisfaction. Our boss always asks for feedback, and we always react to that in improving our service continually. We will work until you are 100% happy with our service, and offer free updates and alterations to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Our ideal goal is for our customers to be our representatives and introducer’s of new customers of our service, so we will always work for your complete satisfaction.

If you have any questions, please call us on: 0844 884 2825

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You are angels! My CV was been turned from a four page long and rambling life story to a job winning document - yes, I am now employed. I have no hesitation in recommending your services.
Barbara, HR Professional.

I am writing to thank you for your professional approach. Although successful in business, I realise now that a professional CV makes all the difference to gaining a job, however impressive my previous achievements are. I now have both a focused initial CV and a referenced and structured portfolio to back up my career achievements, which with a dynamic approach resultantly helped me to secure a number of interviews.
Graham, Divisional Managing Director.

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