Interview Guaranteed Professional CV Service

Most job seekers

make 20 applications for 1 telephone interview;

that’s twice as many as our average client

gets employed in!

Does this describe you?

  • You are hard working, professional and employable, but not currently employed
  • You know you were perfect for the jobs you’ve applied, but never hear back from the employers
  • You don’t want to wait any longer, you just want a job now!

I appreciate where you are coming from, as these are common scenarios I see daily.

The UK’s only

Interview Guaranteed

Professional CV Service

My name is Ian McAllister, and I am I recruiter and CV writer. I became a CV Writer because I saw too many good candidates being rejected from jobs they could easily do well, because they didn’t understand how to market or position themselves through the recruitment process.

So, I simply looked at my day job of recruiting from the candidates side of the employment market, and started researching and tracking how successful candidates got employed in the quickest time scale, with the fewest job applications. Having tracked these successful candidates, I wrote down my learning in various short eBooks – you may have found some of them on this website, or been passed one by a friend.

Once I had tracked successful candidates, I also tracked and interviewed unsuccessful candidates. I found that in comparison:

  • Successful candidates made on average 3 to 10 job applications; unsuccessful candidates were making over 20 applications per week
  • Successful candidates had 1 job interview for every 3 job applications; unsuccessful candidates had ratios as low as 1 in every 100 applications, with an average of 1 in 20
  • The most successful job applicants were employed in a month or less; the average job seeker presently, according to the UK Office of National Statistics, takes 3months to gain employment, costing them around £10,000 in lost income and direct job search costs

The result is that successful candidates are employed in less than a month; while unsuccessful candidates get less successful after being unemployed for 90days or longer.

The key question for me from all of my research came down to the answer to one question:

Could the average job seeker

take the lessons of the successful employed job applicant,

and get employed quicker?

Simply, I found the answer was


By knowing the recruitment process, the odds of which strategies work and which don’t, and being focused on their own strengths and the end goal of employment, almost any job seeker could employ these tactics to successfully gain employment.

Over 12months after the launch of, having worked with over 250 successful job applicants, and having gained numerous testimonials, prove that almost any job seeker can successfully and quickly be employed.

But what we found through helping job seekers through the employment process, was that the most successful results came through the deployment of three assets:

  1. Having a professionally written CV: most job applicants do not know what their strengths are, what the market requires, or how to market themselves fully
  2. Know the recruitment process: understand what is required at each key stage
  3. Have the support of a knowledgeable guide: have a knowledgeable friend who can get them in the right place quickly, support them through the process, listening to them and providing personal support through to successful employment

Hence, the Interview Guaranteed Professional CV Service. Costing no more than the price that most CV Writers will charge for an Executive CV, our service provides you with:

  • A named and experienced dedicated consultant
  • An initial 30 min telephone consultation
  • A draft professional CV within 3days, valued at £47
  • As many revisions as you want
  • A copy of all of our eBooks, total value £60
    • Get The Job You Want: £19.97
    • The Elevator Pitch: £9.97
  • We show and guide you through the whole process
  • You get all the inside coaching to get the job you want
  • An interview guaranteed in 30days or less, or your money back in full

100% Money Back Guarantee

We are so sure of our Professional CV service, and that will that you will get physical job interviews from it, that we offer a 30 day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Secondly, if you are not entirely satisfied, then you will receive a full refund. Our clients frequently recommend our services to their friends, family and colleagues, so it is vitally important to us that you are 100% satisfied with the service you receive.

If I asked the average job seeker what the cost of their job search was, then they wouldn’t know. In reality, the average UK employee is paid £24,000 per annum, meaning that the average job seeker is losing £100 per day in lost income. Add in job search costs of telephones, paper, envelopes, stamps, travel to interviews, etc, and that easily doubles: £200 per day. In the average 3month job search, helps professional job seekers

get employed quicker

than any other method: Guaranteed!

So what have you got to lose, except your developing fondness of day time soaps, the want to provide for your family, and the personal need for professional fulfilment? Each day you are unemployed or not in the job you desire is costing you £100 a day, so take action today and we let us help you get the job you want!

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You are angels! My CV was been turned from a four page long and rambling life story to a job winning document - yes, I am now employed. I have no hesitation in recommending your services.
Barbara, HR Professional.

I am writing to thank you for your professional approach. Although successful in business, I realise now that a professional CV makes all the difference to gaining a job, however impressive my previous achievements are. I now have both a focused initial CV and a referenced and structured portfolio to back up my career achievements, which with a dynamic approach resultantly helped me to secure a number of interviews.
Graham, Divisional Managing Director.

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