Proffessional CV

Saturday, January 24th, 2009 - CV Writing, Professional CV, tutorial

Proffessional CV

Do you need a Proffessional CV to win that job you desire?

Well, before we go too much further, let me just say – if you actually spelt it like that, you have just failed at the first step.

The word is actually spelt Professional.

Why did we do this? On purpose, for two reasons:

  • Firstly, we wanted an example of a simple but common spelling mistake, to illustrate the problem of being rejected at the first stage of a job search
  • Secondly, according to Google Analytics, there are 72 people who make that exact same simple mistake every month. We wanted to help them

People tap things far more quickly into Google than they would to their own Professional CV. As our CV Checklist shows, before you send out your CV you want to get it read by at least two other people. You might also additionally like to take advantage of our free CV review service, which includes a spell check as well as over 30 other points

There are many great people out there, who are right for their desired job. In our estimation, around 80% of candidates could do a particular job they desire, if they know they have the right qualifications. Around 50% of those people if they progressed to interview would be quickly rejected – they wouldn’t fit that team, as getting a job is about proving you have both the function requirements and would fit into the team.

But in reality:

  • One third of candidates are rejected because they don’t include a Cover Letter
  • One third of candidates are rejected at the first stage sift, because of simple issues like the single misspelling of the word Professional

If you really want that job, make sure you make it to the third pile, the people who will get their 2page CV read all the way through. Around half of the original applicants, or less than one candidate in six will get a phone call from the recruiter or HR professional handling the process.

Get the job you desire, by taking action right now either by:

Good Luck!

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