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Thursday, March 6th, 2008 - Uncategorized

I love this story.

In background, after stealing £104,000 over three years, NHS GP’s Practice Manager Dawn Beynon, 45, was caught out in September 2007 while on a £13,000 Caribbean cruise with her husband and three children, two of whom had been privately educated. The five doctors in the 8,000 patient NHS practice commented that they had simply allowed Beynon to look after the accounts “while they got on with treating patients” – hence why she got away with cheque fraud for three years!

The new case is for recovery of the proceeds of crime – in other words, the gain on the five property portfolio she had created with the money she had stolen.


  • Does it make you worry that £30kpa disapearing out of an NHS account wasn’t spotted by the auditors or the owners/doctors?
  • Would the alarm bells have been ringing in your mind, if in your business your £30kpa practise manager started taking £13,000 cruises as standard holidays?
  • How much of a medal does the judge deserve? If she does serve time in jail for non-payment of the £250k, that will be just an additional punishment
  • And finally: what has it come to when NHS staff build their “property is king/though must have property” portfolio’s to wash their stolen gains?

    Whatever the answers, the morale of story: sometimes, there is justice!

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