Quality Job Applicant

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Quality Job Applicant


As an engineer, it always annoys me when scientific words are miss-used, particularly in marketing applications. For instance, the word quality. As a recruiter, I often hear employer clients say “Thank you. That was a quality job applicant.” Where as actually, if they said anything else, I would see that as failure to fulfil my role – failure, to be a quality recruiter, and do my job.

What is quality?

The word quality today in common language usage means better or best. How often have you heard the phrase “this is a high quality item” used by a sales person or advert?

If you look up the word quality in a dictionary, then it says: “Quality: conformance to specification.” Note, there is a complete lack of reference to good, bad or indifferent; it is purely a relative to measurement, not an as high/good as measurement.

Hence, anything can be a good or bad quality item. Both a Rolls Royce and a Moskvitch are quality cars if they perform in the way in which they were designed and marketed. The fact that one may breakdown more than the other doesn’t make it a bad quality car, it just makes it a lower specification vehicle.

Be a quality job applicant

To be a quality job applicant is quite simple and easy: you just have to read the job advert! Try the following test from our Why Was I Rejected test:

  1. Print out the first page of your CV/Resume – no need for the rest of it
  2. Fold it in half along the long side of the A4 sheet of paper. Now tear it in half, so you have two separate pieces of paper for the top and bottom halves
  3. Take the advert for the job you are applying for, and using a highlighter pen mark out the key skill requirements – no more than five, if in doubt the first five they list
  4. Take the top half of the first page of your CV/Resume (much like the rest of it – no need for the bottom half) and using the advert as a template, find the same five skills in the top half page of your CV/Resume
  5. Now see if you can find your name, telephone number and eMail address on the same marked top half

If you can’t find the skill requirements from the job advert, and can’t find your contact details, then you will never be a quality job applicant for that job.

The fact you also have a cover letter which doesn’t address these points may mean even that half sheet of paper is never seen by anything more than a temp secretary tasked with reviewing a whole pile of similar applicants, to “find those who meet the job’s basic criteria.” Even if the review process is undertaken by me/any other recruiter or a professional HR manager, then if it doesn’t pass that test in our minds – rejected, not a quality job applicant.

Quality Job Application

If you want more job interviews, and be seen as a quality job applicant that employers want to interview, simply: read the job advert.

Good Luck!


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