Quickest, easiest CV tip ever?

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CV Tip

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Is this the quickest and easiest CV Tip ever?

Imagine a scenario: you are an HR manager in an office, it is a hot sunny Friday afternoon coming up to 5o’clock, you promised your loved one you would be home that evening to be off for the weekend in 35 minutes – and you are running late. You grab the printout of CV’s from the printer, and run for your car.

Sitting in the passenger seat that evening as you are driven off to a great weekend’s rest, you reach for the file of printed CV’s – but unfortunately, the printer fouled up and you only have half of the printed pages. You have to make recommendations on who to ring for interview on Monday morning, but won’t be back in the office until Wednesday. What are you going to do?

I dare say, as an efficient administrator yourself, you will pick out the names of the similarly efficient and thoughtful candidates who enclosed their names and contact details in the header and footer of their CV’s – with the footer including the number of pages. You may be will telephone and ask them to chat through their skills – or send another copy of their CV over to your personal eMail address – and use that as the basis for your list. Those who only included contact details on page one of their CV – how ever skilled or suitable they are – will miss out for around 50 characters of typing.

Simple really – and “lost paper” is a scenario you need to be prepared for when CV Writing or making a Job Application

Good Luck!

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