Quotes in CV?

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Quotes in CV?

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Bob asks: What do you think about quotes on a CV? I’m talking about short quotes from candidates’ supervisors and managers, perhaps from performance reviews, highlighting accomplishments.

In answer:
Assuming you mean quotes of reference from employers or clients, then:

  • No, because they eat up valuable space for accomplishments
  • No, as they seem premature and reference like, as you would have to include the person name/position to validate the quote

I have noticed more and more candidates using them in their Job Applications, with many just copying and pasting the quotes from online Social Networks like LinkedIn.

The first task of any CV – show you have the functional skills to do the job! Anything else after that is secondary.

References are better kept to yourself, and played when required, ie subject to a job offer. Have references ready in the form of letters of recommendation from the actual person, ideally on company headed paper. That gives them way more credibility than a random quote on your CV.

Good Luck!

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