Redundancy career change

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Redundancy Career Change

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Cathy asks: How can one change a career after redundancy? My husband’s job was made redundant recently, and although it hasn’t been long, it seems like it’s going to be difficult to find another job as an accountant. He had a high salary as a manager and most posts are for juniors so they wont touch him because they know he would leave if he found something more suitable. Similarly the few available posts offer less pay and they also probably feel that he would leave if he got a position with better pay. Not to mention plenty other highly qualified people are out there. At the moment we are comfortable – financially but obviously this wont last long, when the money runs out, things will be difficult, with the mortgage and other household bills. I am a full time student at University so rely mostly on him financially. What do we do if he cannot find a job at all? I have heard of people going for 1 yr with nothing and still looking. I don’t believe in just sitting around and looking or waiting and losing all hope. I suggested that maybe while he is looking he can improve his CV by going to University to get a Masters or something? But what would a career change be like – would it be logical or simply stupid? i.e. something like actuarial sciences closer to his line of work or even medicine if he fancies. I think he is scared of what his family will think if he starts going to University but I feel if we do nothing we will suffer more ….. any ideas?

In answer:
Accountancy is one of the few areas of unemployment which are holding up at present in the recruitment sector, although the specialisations being searched for have changed.

A year ago it was management accountants; now its cash flow/recovery specialists and auditors/liquidation.

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Key question: does he enjoy accountancy? If he does – and assuming he has all his certificates/qualifications – look at moving down a grade to get a position in the areas where those types of accountants are being hired. So short skilled is the profession in those areas, that sort of choice can easily be sold to a recruiter/employer – if he’s failing to do that, then the problem is in his CV. Having added to his skills, when the economy does recover, he has wider skills and will earn more than he did before.

If he doesn’t enjoy accountancy, then look at changing careers. The economy will be on an up beat in less than 24months or less, and a bell weather career choice will always be accountancy. Anything he chooses outside this he has to know he will be happier doing and most likely be paid less for a period – perhaps for the rest of his career.

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Career changes are only best undertaken when you have a total need – not just a willingness – to do something your hearts cries out for. Economic forced changes are never the best long term choice, and normally result in disappointment and continual change.

Good Luck!

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