Relevant Experience

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Relevant Experience

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Andrea asks: Will this sound lame/sad on my CV? I have applied for a job at Apple, and in the job advert they say how they want people to be enthusiastic about their products. Do you think it would sound stupid/ lame/sad if I put “I am a Mac enthusiast!” on my CV? Thank you!

In answer:
When ever you write anything in your Professional CV, you must choose relevant experience to the job being applied for, and then the company.

Secondly, anything you write in your CV must be able to be backed up and supported by evidence.

If you know you have the skills for a particular job, then before applying do some simple research on the company, for instance finding out:

  • What type of company they are
  • Where do they see themselves going in the next five years
  • Who are the main people there, and what have they said to the press in the last 12months

With this simple research, by reading the advert, and your own skills/life experience, you should be able to specify why you believe working for them in that job makes so much sense.

Hence, in this case it would be better to specify why you are an Apple enthusiast, what you use it for, and how it is a better product, eg:

  • I own a PowerBook and do all my computing on it, it is far easier to use than a DELL and more reliable than an MSWindows based machine
  • I love my iPod’s design and I am on the third one now. As well as great and easy to use trendy design, I can easily get my favourite music via the Apple store, as it is a common platform used by many bands and labels

This will show that you are genuine, and not just saying it. Rule1 in CV Writing is to never ever lie in a Job Application, and there are no exceptions

Similarly, rather than saying “I am a friendly, outgoing person“, think of examples of when being friendly and outgoing brought benefits: did you make a sale, resolve a dispute, win an unhappy customer?

As well as making sure you have functional fit with your CV, check your social fit with that company by doing relevant research, and then bring them together with your employment record to show you have easily applicable relevant experience. Doing this will make the employer think you are a great fit for their organisation, and hence you are more likely to be interviewed and get the job you want.

Good Luck!


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