How do you maximise you chance of getting part time work in retail?

Friday, December 5th, 2008 - retail

Sharon asks: Is their anything they really like to see on your CV (besides previous experience), or any ‘buzz words’ that work well in the interview. Any GOOD advice is appreciated

In answer:
Retail is an interesting mix of: commitment and hours; personal go with a love of people; detail and endless energy. I therefore personally believe that the Energizer bunny would be the ultimate retail candidate.

If you ever have the pleasure of getting a manicure on one of the beauty outlets in your local major store, you will find those ever smiling immaculate ladies are as intelligent as anyone and as sharp at sales as the best in finance. These cosmetic companies must pick great candidates and train them very, very well. If you want to learn about the best in retail sales, rather then just buying a bottle of perfume at Christmas, try booking an on-desk manicure or similar service: you will learn a lot!

You need to show in your CV all aspects which a retail candidate must have: a proof of commitment in something stressing (ideally previous retail experience, could be sports), an up beat personality, and a love of people. If you are looking at it for more than just a part-time job and see retail as a career, then show further with: knowledge of in-store marketing; an acceptance of retail as the pinnacle of your career; a defined interest in a specific aspect and a goal.

I have written a few retail CV’s for younger people and those returning to work, and one thing the best candidates all have in common is energy and a personality which engages – and when needed, a detailed mind. If you can show those, then you chances of getting the job rise quickly.

Good Luck!

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