Return to work after being a stay at home Mum

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Return to work Mum

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Sarah asks: I want to return to work after being a stay at home mum? But my CV doesn’t look too impressive. I am applying for a receptionist job. Should i put a Cover Letter in with the CV?

In answer:
I don’t write many of them, because I normally only do them for friends, but I love writing CV’s for return to work Mum’s. The reason is quite simple – they have skills, they just don’t recognise them!

Often, Mum’s will have: organised the household budget, holidays, car servicing, doing up the kitchen, workmen to re-tile a bathroom, organised a kids trip or a school outing, or gone into school and listened or read, or may be even as a part-time assistant. And yet, having run a household for at least 2years, they then decide to return to work and forget they did it all!

Employers love return to work Mum’s – with children that are over five years old – as they are horribly reliable and very organised. The only reason they take time off work is when the child has a really serious illness, and they then return to work determined to make up the hours.

Look at your skills, and assess what you have gained from being a Mum. Even if you gained nothing in skills, then you can state that you did what you thought was best for your children, gave them a stable start in life, and now that they are all in full time education want to return to work to earn some money and get engaged with the world of work again.

With regards an application, ALWAYS put in a Cover Letter. We actually reject every applicant who doesn’t include one. If your CV is really thread bare and empty, then forget the CV and sell yourself in a one page Cover Letter – its the best tactic, and shows how interested you are.

Good Luck!

Sarah’s responce: Thank you, I feel so much better now. I’ve been at home for a long time with my 3 kids but I have no family to cover for me (they live in another town). Now I feel ready to rejoin the land of the living!

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