Same employer, multiple opportunities

Monday, April 16th, 2012 - Job Application

Same employer,

Multiple opportunities

Often, you will find a situation when if you have targetted a particularly large employer, like in Step3, Job Application of the 5 Steps to Employment, then multiple positions will appear at the same time. What do you do to stand the best chance of employment?

Firstly, be honest with yourself. Yes, they might have two or more positions for which you are right for (ie: multiple locations, same skills), but some of your personal criteria (title, market, pay, geography) and competencies (Skills, Qualifications, Experiences) will define or at least suggest which one of the jobs is more suited.

Secondly, look at the recruitment problem from the employers point of view.  There will be a better job answer at one point, and then a desperate job seeker at another.

Now, once you have a priority list, do yourself a favour and pick up the phone, and target someone handling these in the HR Department. Now, if you have read this blog before, you will know that on the whole, I am not positive about targetting and contacting HR Professionals. This is mainly based on the fact that they have different selection criteria to the Hiring Manager, and also on the fact that what ever HR may say, its the Hiring Manager who always has the last say on who gets hired. This is one of those exception cases.

Why? Because even if you targetted two or more hiring managers, if they all like you and walk to HR and say “the aswer is this candidate”, you look silly, unprofessional and hence will get rejected. Secondly, if you make a friend in HR now, they will guide you on two of their key criteria:

  1. The job that they think you are more suitable for
  2. The job which presently from their view point, is getting less interest

As I have said many times before, I have full respect for what the modern HR Professional is tasked to do. Aside from their increasing workload, recruitment is a break from dealing with the mounting number of accident claims, employment laws and health and safety issues. Hence on this occasion, help them help you get employed!

How do you use this strategy? Try working through this example…

Same employer, multiple jobs

Thomas, a job seeker, asks: How do you apply for multiply jobs that are open at the same place/location? I am in the education sector, and a potential employer has posted multiple opportunities which I could be suitable for. Thank You!

In Answer:
While this answer can apply to any sector, many of us in the world of employment are not used to job applicants applying on a regualr basis to multiple positions in the same employer. However, in the education sector, due to the contract of employment notice period, like other I have noticed this as a regular problem in the education sector. So first let me address the generics, and then the specifics of why this strategy works so well in the education sector.

Much as though multiple positions exist, you must be honest with yourself on two levels:

  1. Competencies: some of the positions will be better suited to you on competency criteria
  2. Personal objectives: some of the positions will be better suited on your personal criteria of title, sector, pay and geography

Use these to prioritise the positions, which should result in one or two being better suited than the others. This will mean that rather than applying for multiple positions, you don’t end up looking like a desperate job seeker. Always remember, if you are having problems seeing the answer, look at the problem from the employers view point.

Now tactically, you need to pick up the phone. This is even more essential in the education sector.

Target someone in the HR team who is handling the majority of these positions. I normally wouldn’t suggest targetting HR professionals, but in this case they can guide you as which jobs they think you are best suited for, and also which jobs they are getting the least applications for.

This is an essential tactic in the education sector, accepting that there normally aren’t that many employers in that sector in one geogrpahy, and hence you don’t want to go around making enemies! If they know that you are looking, then it saves them finding suitable candidates when such positions appear on their fulfillment list.

In summary:

  1. Create a priority list
  2. Pick up the phone, make contact with HR, and explain your predicament and preferences, and hence the ideal job that you have picked to apply for
  3. Let HR confirm your suitability, guide you, and apply as agreed

Good Luck!


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  1. Tamiko Winninger Says:

    I enjoyed this posting. Very informative to me although I have 3 young boys and have been thinking about my strong desire of wanting to go to medical school. I am 34, I will be entering nursing school soon and from there I am wanting to get into medical school to become a medical examiner. I know my age at that time will be my hugest factor against me. Since my children at that time will be much older the struggles of having children will not be as hard to juggle then starting out having children. I do have a support system for me having help with such a heavy load.

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