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Friday, February 27th, 2009 - career transition, CV Tips, Job Application

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Rick asks: What is an appropriate way to indicate on a resume that I have formerly held a security clearance and should be eligible to have it renewed? Holding a security clearance is a definite plus for a job applicant. I’ve held some in the past, but they have expired when I left the defence industry. I’d like to get back in to defense work, but I’m not certain how to indicate on a resume that I have held clearances in the past and would likely be eligible for new ones.

In answer:

Clear and honest is the best policy. Under other at the end of your work history indicate that you held a security clearance during that time period (put dates) and you believe you are eligible to be reinstated. Unless I am mistaken, everyone is generally eligible unless it was explicitly revoked.

Put a note under skills that notes the clearance level, approximate date last held, a phrase denoting in what capacity (ex. US Intel or DoD work). In example: TS/SCI for US Intel Work, last active 2005

If this is an area you really want to again work in, or a skill you really wish to highlight, put “Eligible for Security Clearance Renewal” in the header under your name

Even though it may not be active, it security clearance should prove useful in a job search where background checks are required (ex. certain Finance). Each contractor will evaluate their needs (if they can cover you if a full re-investigation is warranted, etc.) and facilitate a informed interview.

Good Luck!

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