Senior job title

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Senior job title

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Daniel, a Chief Software architect, asks: I was having a debate with my divisional director, about adding the word senior to a job title. He questioned the value, concluding that it doesn’t mean anything any more. I prefer a title of Chief Architect, what do you think?

In answer:
My most common answer – it depends! It could do, but it depends on context of both the applicant and the reader.

Senior or Chief tends to suggest experienced hand/manager of project team, without reporting staff in a commercial context. So does the rest of that jobs write up in your CV show evidence of leading people and projects?

Job title

You don’t need to use the exact title you had in a job to write that job up on your CV. In that company it makes sense, but it could be too complex or just not reflect your actual duties. This issue comes down to writing something which reflects and communicates the job and responsibilities to the reader

I would therefore come down to the view that its use was at best limited, and at most one position. Over use would in the mind of most come back to a young person over writing their own position/capability: Chief shift leader at McDonalds?

Good Luck!

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