Should I include articles in my CV?

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Tony asks: Should I include articles I’ve published on my CV which are not directly related to my field? Professionally, I work in strategic communications, but I am also an amateur historian and I’ve had several articles published, been acknowledged in several books, etc. Should I include my writing credits on my resume even if they are not directly related to my field?

In answer:

Congratulations Tony on your many publications. However, your primary purpose is to make your CV relevant to the job you are seeking or the field you are looking to work in. Hence, if any of these publications are relevant to the position for which you are applying, then certainly include them.

Alluding to your extensive experience writing in other areas can certainly attest to your writing skills when you are proceeding through the interview process. If they are not relevant to the job being applied for, then I would include a brief reference to ‘a number of published articles in various publications’ would be sufficient on your CV.

Good Luck!

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