Should job seekers respond to rejection letters?

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Job Application Rejection

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Daniel asks: Should job seekers respond to rejection letters? After receiving a rejection letter or email from a potential employer, should a job seeker answer it by thanking the employer for their time and for keeping their resume on file? Or, should job seekers NOT answer it & continue with their job search? By answering a rejection letter, a job seeker could try to turn a negative into a positive; it could result result in other job leads and expand a job seeker’s network. What is your opinion?

In answer:
Personally I think yes, job seekers should respond to rejection letters. But, the primary reason is for feedback, and it depends on where the job seeker is/got to in the application process. Never write back to an employer to express your disappointment.

If the job seeker is early in their job search, then even rejection at CV/resume shifting stage can be valuable. But primary response would always be to a rejection post-interview stage. After every interview, to avoid post-interview death valley, you should always send a thank you letter, and cover the main points addressed in the interview.

Courteous rejection letters from employers are so rare these days, with most not even bothering to inform the candidates that they are no longer being considered. If you do receive an old-fashioned professionally phrased rejection letter, write or eMail the person who has written to thank them for their time, and for telling you about their decision.

Even if you get nothing out of this – accepting that 1 in 5 successful job seekers will leave within 6months – you will help preserve courtesy in professional relationships. It costs you nothing to mention your contact information again, and to ask whoever interviewed you and seemed to like you to let you know in the future if they become aware of another suitable position at their firm or elsewhere.

Courtesy and manners, even if rejected, will keep you remembered – and that’s one key issue in successful job seeking.

Good Luck!

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