Should you embolden the important points on a cover letter?

Sunday, August 31st, 2008 - cover letter

Greg asks: Should I embolden the important points on my cover letter where they relate to the required skills of the job advertisement?

In answer:
The style guru’s have two answers to this:

YES – because it shows you have the required skills

NO – because its looks stylisticly awful, and suggests you think the person reading the letter can’t pick out these issues

I’ll come at this from the angle of – its depends! It is a far, far more accepted practise in North America, where the natural level of sales pressure and resultant acceptance is far higher. In Europe and the Far East, it is far less acceptable.

I therefore suggest that obvious cases for using this style choice would be sales, marketing and artistic posts; cases where this approach should not be used would include all executive, accounting, administration and all government posts. In between, depends where you are and what you are applying for, but it tends to suggest to the reader that you are a pushing/sales based personality.

Good Luck!

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